Manifesting the undercurrent

After putting it off out of laziness and the general fear of what casting my thoughts out for public consumption will do – like chaos theory, I came to the conclusion that I must start a blog. Well, I’m really going on the urgings of friends and my vedic astrologer, which I will have you know are pretty reliable.  I guess they find my life, or the perspectives on my fumblings through it publish worthy. I’m not sure if it’s a well orchestrated practical joke or well meant, but I’ll bite.

I admit, I tremble at another attempt to put myself out there – once bitten, twice shy. It just harkens back to a suggestion a professor gave me regarding my M.A. comp, “you should publish this.” For some reason I was resistant. I should have paid attention, possibly sought out third and fourth opinions –  like when you find out you have some terminal condition. I got a second at the very least, thinking that it was sound and eagerly sent it off to a reputable journal in the field I had studied.

I’m pretty sure that 24 hours had not even passed before the editor sent a rather firm email rejecting my submission. Ego obliterated – check! Re-confirmation of my second-rate education – check!

So, here I am, to thread the needle again.


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