The past few days have been rather unremarkable; only mundane tidbits that can be gleaned from aspects of each day past. It has been a time of getting settled, not only back into the rhythm of teaching, but in my life – just me. This is the pause nestled in the transition and change that I find equally necessary to linger in. I feel I’ve hit a plateau for a moment in which I feel I’m being asked to take note of myself: emotions, thoughts, and actions. There is no moving and it is hard to be still; to invite stillness for the sake of fluidity later.

I hit one of those emotional slumps where I’m feeling rather sad in respect to my relationship for some reason; it percolated to the surface earlier today and then again this evening. I think it really lies there in that element, more than my career that has me teetering between calling in sick for the rest of the school year and signing-up for 5 more years of education roulette.



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