Dancing With Myself

Saturday, I went out to shake it up, work it out, break it down – one of my favorite bands was in town to be the muse I needed to move and be moved. It was also one of the first times that I didn’t care if I was alone or not; I freed myself from the awkwardness that usually escorts me into a bar. Usually I go out by myself, even when in relationships, but for some reason I would be low on confidence and waiting for someone I might know to let me off the hook.

I felt like I did when I was traveling more, in my 20s. And, this band brought back some of emotion of when I first arrived to this state, when things were fresh and new. At time for exploration and meeting new people, getting into the mix. They played their standards this time instead of what had evolved over the 9 years since the band emerged on the scene. It did not disappoint.

I pretty much ignored the crowd except when it was a must to say hello to an acquaintance, or order a beer. I had some brave souls try to engage, but I wasn’t there for that. I stayed to close down the bar, to the very end. Sweaty and bar grimy.


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