Daylight Savings

I’m pretty certain that more happened on the day an hour was arbitrarily was lopped off and placed elsewhere. Since then I have been perpetually late, always shocked about the hour when I check the clock, suffering from some odd and rare form of amnesia in regard to where I am and how I got there, and have misplaced some quite valuable IQ points. My spelling and general cognitive processes are limping along to the point where my 6 yr old and my below average students are finishing my sentences and helping to jump-start those “lost my thought” moments.

Things are wacky and misshapen. I feel that I’m in a comedy of errors barring the eloquent dialogue. I’m chasing my tail. My synapses are clogged.

I’m really just trying to carve out some sanity as this reality bends itself based on whether I have ingested too much dairy or really, just choosing to get out of bed each morning. Friends moving, travel plans pending, career disintegrating, and illusions melting.

It’s obvious I’m vitamin deficient.


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